The RayVac

Our computer-controlled technology ensures a trouble free, high speed coating operation, while controlling the metal and topcoat consistently from load to load. We provide consistent results on your schedule, at a competitive price.

collection of vacuum metallized products

Prepping the materials for metallizing

The nonporous substrates provided by our customers are loaded onto the carriage of our vacuum metallizer. Each product is placed onto a spider holding fixture, destaticized, basecoated, and baked to provide a hard, smooth finish and ensure quality prior to metallizing. Tungsten filaments are added with aluminum clips attached, your product is rolled into the vacuum chamber, and air pressurization begins. At a pressure reading of .5 microns, the equivalent of being 300 miles from the Earth’s surface, the tank operator begins heating the tungsten filament.

Final Inspection & ready to go

The wires are heated until they glow red, causing the aluminum clip begins to liquefy. At a temperature of 2500°C the aluminum liquid begins to vaporize and travel from the filament source in all directions. The spiders begin rotating so all products are properly exposed to the metallizing source. The floating aluminum molecules penetrate each product’s base coat, providing a dry, cool, and brilliant mirror-like surface. Finally, the chamber is flooded with air and the products are ready for a final inspection and packaging.


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