50 years
of history


The Founding of RayVac

RayVac Plastic Decorators, Inc. was founded in November 1968 by the original owners, Robet D. Raymond & Barbara A. Raymond. Business began in a a small 3,000 square foot building that was built during World War 2 with the materials that were available. Needless to say, the accommodations were not impressive, but the building was serviceable.

Our first customer was a local company that manufactured Hobby Kits. As our customers grew, we dd also, and soon we were working two shifts doing assembly of plastic toy cars as well as vacuum metallizing. Soon we picked up other clients doing more and more hobby kits and plastic toys, eventually working with most of the major toy companies in the Midwest.


Growing to bigger heights

By 1972 we had outgrown the original building and had begun construction of a new facility. January 3, 1973 was the first day of production in the new plant. At the time, 15,000 square feet seemed huge. New customers were attracted to our new plant and growing reputation.


Expanding Services & Techniques

Over the years, equipment was added and new services were provided for the growing customer base. In 1978 the building was expanded, providing 30,000 square feet of production and warehouse space. By this time the major clients included manufacturers of toys, hobby kits, trophy parts, and lighting reflectors as well as some automotive components. Over the years we acquired various competitors, who for a variety of reason decided it was time to create operations.


A Family Company

In 1983 Robert J. Raymond joined the company and became an integral member of the tea. RayVac has always been proud of our ability to keep employees with many now on our staff for 30 years or more. The small turnover of employees helps to maintain old clients and welcome new ones.


Booming Markets and Products

In 2001 and again in 2003 new metallizers were added. These machines provide advanced processing capabilities, which combined with trade secrets developed by our staff, enable us to satisfy the needs of our customers. The booming market of LED products has created a whole new demand for services provided by RayVac Plastic Decorators, Inc. Today, a large portion of our business is in the field of Lighting. Smoke and Fire Detection Systems and Automotive products.


Still founded upon quality

Robert J. Raymond is now company president, assisted by a staff of veteran finishing experts. We continue to develop new services with an eye to attracting additional clients in developing markets. In November 2018, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Business. Who could have predicted the company that began on a shoe string in 1968 could grow into the thriving industry leader of today.

Please contact us if you have capacity or quality issues with existing products or if you are developing new ones. Chances are, we can be of help.


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